Live Betta

By · Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Live Betta

Betta fish are beautiful freshwater fish that come in a variety of spectacular colors. They make great aquarium fish for numerous reasons, such as cheap to maintain and direct take care. Like any pet however, an adequate care system is essential for good health and wellbeing.


Also known as Siamese Fighting fish, Bettas are one of the most popular types of aquarium fish. They originate in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and parts China and are usually found in shallow waters such as rice paddies and shallow ponds.

Betta fish generally live in two or three years. Unlike of most fish they breathe by going up to the surface for air. This makes them very easy to care for because their tank does not need an air pump, filtration or aeration.

Water Tank and

Bettas well in bowls – a large aquarium is not necessary. However, make the bottle or container that keep your Betta in is big enough for him to swim easily without bumping his fins or scales. Also make sure there is much of the surface so you can get enough air, and be sure to keep water clean.

Keep the tank or container in a warm spot – Bettas are tropical fish. The temperature should be around 75 to 80 degrees. Be sure not to put the plate in either direct sunlight or a drafty place.

Change out one third of the Betta water every three days. Use "aged" tap water, which is water that has been fixed for twenty-four hours. Make sure it is the same temperature as the water in the tank and use of a product that removes chlorine as well.

* Important: Never use a fish net to catch your Betta when doing water changes. The fins are very delicate and may get caught and pulled into the fiber network.

It is also a good idea to keep a lid on your Betta's bowl because it really can jump out. Just make sure that the lid has holes so that fresh air can enter the space function, having one or more plants live in the fishbowl as well: Bettas like to rest on the leaves. There is a special aquarium plant called "Betta Bulbs" available. Place the plant (s) in the gravel, and be sure to maintain cleanliness of gravel to prevent the deposition of unsanitary conditions.

Tank Mates and other species

Make sure not to have two male Bettas in a tank together because they fight until death. It called Siamese fighting fish for nothing! Women, however, can be kept together. You can also keep both male and female Bettas with other fish species aggressive, but not combined with any aggressive species or you may have a fight on her hands! Bettas can be safely together with species such as guppies, algae eaters and catfish corydorus.


Bettas should be fed once a day. Sure is not overfeed, and do not leave uneaten food in the bowl. They can be fed freeze dried brine shrimp or freeze dried blood worms. Not usually as cubes worm or food scales well. Check your pet store for Betta food, there are many types available, and Bettas will happily eat most of them. Without But as live foods, such as live brine shrimp the best. For this reason, part of the recommended care is to treat fish Betta fish to some of live food occasionally. It's fun to catch and eat them!

Do not leave any uneaten food in the water. After feeding, use a baster turkey to clean small particles of uneaten food or debris from the bottom of your Betta bowl. If not, water will become cloudy and unsanitary – is going to smell wrong and be very healthy for fish too!


With Betta fish care, always remember that fish are living, creatures Breathing, like any other pet. It is your responsibility to feed and care for your Betta and make sure you have a good environment to live, as would a dog or cat. If you follow a good system of care needs, starting with the tips in this article, the fish will be healthy and happy and adds a movement and color wherever they keep them!

Need more resources? Go to my website at [] and click on “Betta Fish Care” to learn about a great system for caring for your Betta fish!

Robin Bhattacharyya is a writer, entrepreneur, webmaster and “student of life” based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He writes on a wide variety of subjects.

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