Live Betta

By · Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Live Betta
How long can a betta fish live?

Hello I have a betta fish that lived during their lifetime that is 6 years and I am wondering if you can live more than 20 years since I have a friend and he said that there was a betta fish for 20 years How long can they live?

6 years is enough good! You must take good care of him. Anyway, life expectancy betta usually only about 4-5 years under the right conditions (at least 2.5 liters, heated, filtering, etc.) and about 2 in poor condition (eg a cup). I think the longest betta life was about 8 years. Your friend is confused or trying to impress to you. Maybe you have a very similar looking fish and thought to have been the same for so long? Good luck and thanks for giving your betta a long full life!

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