Live Coral

By · Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Live Coral

The owners of the aquarium, once accustomed to the hope of someday having many different types of coral in your saltwater tank itself – this is a dream! Starter kits can be purchased in you can take steps increasingly easy in your own piece of coral. This is a much better way to start and we highly recommend against buying coral a store. The coral growing your own ensures that is acclimated to your tank. Before you start creating and caring for a reef aquarium, knowledge in this area is necessary, it is not an easy process. It takes time, it is worthwhile in order to display your own coral aquarium reached its peak. For some people, fake coral Cart is the easiest option, when all you need is patience until about 12 weeks to create their own piece of underwater paradise. A wonderful feeling of accomplishment and a worthwhile project.

First, we must start by assembling your aquarium. Find a perfect area to display your home aquarium. Read carefully instructions on how to configure it as a freshwater tank. Before adding the water, there are a few simple rules to follow. The bottom of the tank is where it pours sand first, followed by the addition of dechlorinated water. The salt should be mixed in the next, until it reaches a specific gravity measuring 1.205. Decide where want to organize your live rock after water and salt, then install the heater and, finally, the chapel of the tank. Then you must wait approximately 4 weeks for the tank to settle before proceeding with the next move.

After 4 weeks is over, it's time to add the first living creatures to your tank. This will ensure that water is tested for correct balance of salt and stays there, before adding the fish. During this period, snails and crabs if you have chosen, can be added. The tank should now be functioning as if they are filled with fish, so install a protein skimmer. Check to see who has the lighting correct and that the filters are doing their job. The light should not be left longer than 10 or 12 hours a day, as this may promote algae growth. Once that the snails or crabs have been added, wait 2 more weeks.

It has now Week 6, when you can proceed with the next stage of the addition of the first pieces of coral. For saltwater aquariums are different types of corals including common, as Bullseye Mushroom Coral, Button Polyp, Hairy Mushroom Coral and yellow polyp. The coral is attached to the rock at the bottom of the tank when you add it. You can wait another 2 weeks – all the patience worthwhile. Now is the 10th week when you can add types grown Pumping Xenia Coral name, Spaghetti Finger Leather coral polyps Starburst and as part of its collection of many. Again, these should be placed on the rock as the first set of coral.

Your reef aquarium has been established successfully and the period of 10 to 12 weeks, you are ready to begin adding your choice of fish to your underwater world created. The process of setting up your reef aquarium is a long, long, but worth if for the long years ahead. His own created spectacular coral aquarium will give you years of enjoyment as you watch over him and his life creatures. The aquarium will be something to be admired and very relaxing at home. See how your family and friends are impressed by your creation!

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