Live Freshwater

By · Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Live Freshwater
What kind of freshwater fish can live in a small 2 gallon tank?

This is a very small tank. Only a little larger than have a fish dish. A friend gave it to me and I have installed and running with a filter, heater, etc. The temperature ranges from 76 to 78 degrees. What kind of fish I get fresh water to live there? Be a beta version would work. I need beta males living alone. But there is another type of fish that can live in the tank of this kind?

Just to add to the suggestions of others, can have 2.3 male guppies, 4-5 rasbora HETS. 4.5 tits light shine, 4-5 endlers men live carriers, 6-8 killifish less (actually, a live bearer) or a couple of many different varieties of fish murderers. MM

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