Live Koi

By · Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Live Koi

The shape of the pond has an important influence on the efficient movement of water. Good circulation to ensure water quality. Develop the best place to return biologically filtered water to the pond and make sure you create proper circulation.

Large ponds may require more than one lap to achieve good circulation. Water is normally pushed into the pond below the water line, except when it is returned by a watercourse. The application of these methods means watercourse that can be disabled in the colder months to prevent excessive cooling, while maintaining the flow through the filter system.

Corners in the pond has a number of drawbacks. When predators including humans approach the pond, koi will be emphasized and instinctively try to escape, to the farthest point of the threat.

In doing so, may encounter a wall of the pool. If the corners are rounded, a glancing blow can replace the risk of a blow to the head. Make sure there are no corners in which the fish can be caught.

In some parts of the world, the pond may have to be covered in winter, especially if the water is heated. The cover will reduce wind-chill and minimize the drop in water temperature, so less heat input is needed to maintain the required level.

Even if the pool is not heated, a cover will minimize the water temperature changes and keep the water warmer than it would otherwise. It's a good idea to incorporate sockets or similar attachment points in the design of the pool surround to the desirability of ensuring coverage.

Keep clear of any deck and water surface to prevent fish jumping damaged.

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