Live Plants

By · Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Live Plants
When should I introduce live plants to an aquarium?

When is the right time to introduce live plants to an aquarium? I have a tank of 29 G that has been cycling for 2 weeks. I would add, because I want an environment as natural as it can get. I really appreciate any comments or suggestion.

The most important part of the answer to your quesiton is the fact that plants, like fish, have very specific requirements to do so well. The lighting, water quality, substrate conditions, etc, etc, etc. All kinds of different requirements, as well as fish, which vary from type of plant that plant type. It's really much more than can be covered in a post here the response of a website that gives very basic information: and here's one with a little more detail: 20up.html% i really would highly recommend that you get a book about planted tanks and read before you buy the first floor. That really will help you choose the right plants for your tank and help you succeed with them. Planted Aquariums are wonderful, just take a little planning and work. Best of luck MM

Plants and Animals – Faerie Dance live in Montreal

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