Live Rock

By · Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Live Rock
Rock Live?

My marine aquarium must be fully bike before you can add live rock. The nitrites have peaked and are declining slowly. I will not get another chance to get the rock a few months otherwise.

You can add live rock at any time provided you have a chance of first aid. By this I mean if you are buying live rock is dry, then you have to soak in salted water for a week or so before adding it to tank. During that time the rock was ACCUALLY cycle. If you buy the wet rock then I would then in a hospital tank for a week or so first only to see what might be hiding there. I buy all my wet rock local EPA and finished with a black brittle stars, mussels, snails, and a lot smaller creatures that I had no idea that they know where in the rock when I bought it. Now if that was a star instead Brittlestar green snake and I just add to my display tank would not be a good chance that I would be a few shy fish before I realized what was happening. Enjoy PK

Rainbow – Long Live Rock And Roll

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