Live Saltwater

By · Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Live Saltwater

The best place to find rocks grown in Florida. The reefs in the tropical waters off the coast of Florida are filled with natural beauty. Magnificent reefs coral, sponges, invertebrates and brilliant are all in abundance near the coast. A growing trend among lovers of saltwater aquarium is to include a piece of rock cultivated "live" to their home marine environment. These samples are grown in a natural environment, collected at the site of the coast, cured to ensure their quality, then sent to your saltwater aquarium very own.

Florida grown rocks "live" occur on the coasts of the southern state. Because taking natural rock seabed is illegal, spreads the seabed six meters below the surface are leased out by the state of Florida, which allows providers to enter the habitat for marine species. Large amounts of rock are placed in the bottom of the sea that creates a new environment for marine life inhabit natural. This rock, in some cases have been imported from other natural environments of sea floor that helps create an authentic look. After two or three years, the beautiful sea creatures begin to live in these artificial reefs. Creatures such as sponges, crustaceans, crabs, anemones, corals inhabit these different and new environments.

As the marine environment ripe in time comes from the "rock" to be picked. Divers enter the water and carefully select sections of rock to be moved. The rock is placed in a mesh bag and carried to the surface. Once on the surface of the Rock is immediately placed in a tank of fresh seawater. It is essential that the rock is always submerged in the sea water flowing through life it carries. Once the rock has been returned to the land that begins the healing process.

Curing is the process by which all rocks of the Florida cultured "live" go through ensuring their quality. Each stone is placed in a tank that circulates fresh seawater. When water is distributed and shifted, contaminant and dead sea life are removed from the rocks. This process also removes all unwanted creatures. This will ensure that when the customer receives their rock aqaucultured Florida "live" will not harm the environment of saltwater in progress. Curing is a critical part of quality control. Marine life will be affected by unwanted this process.

Once the curing process is complete the rocks are ready for shipment. Packets are sent by air in quick delivery the package is necessary for survival. Once at home, live rock is ready for transplantation. Place the stone in the desired location within your tank and be willing to see a little of our natural marine environment in your home. The life that is emerging from the rock of Florida aqaucultured "live" in the coming days will attract even further in his assessment of ocean life.

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Click here for more information about Aquacultured rocks

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