Live Trapdoor

By · Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Live Trapdoor
If you can create your own magical land of Narnia, what would happen?

You know when you're small you can imagine many things, like a new land of adventure under her living room carpet or through some magical trapdoor. Did you ever imagine a magical land where you were a kid? And if it did, what was and who (or what) lived there? Share your childhood imagination with me!

When I was younger, I thought I lived in / visited a place called "The Magic Nation" where I was some kind of warrior-woman (Aowin the Lord of the Rings, you know, all and heroic keys and stuff) that had angel wings and saved the village witch tale unpleasant (not Wiccans, witches and fairy tales of Brothers Grimm) and dragons and stuff. It was pretty cool. This world was contained entirely within the wooded ravine behind my house and castle on top of these records stretched across the gorge. Naturally, I fell for it a dozen times trying to fly for real. Somehow I never managed to hurt me, though the fact that this is a 25-foot drop. Hmm … Now that I think that's strange. Anyway, what did this question for, I hope this helps. Peace!


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