Mag Drive

By · Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Mag Drive

Soccer Mom is a free 3D game available on and is now one of the most popular online games available on its website. You are put on paper as football occupied a busy mother who must run around town doing a task to the next.

The cast of characters puts the player as the mother who drives around the baby, the child, the child and the dog. You are placed within an impressive city in the 3D view has much style and variety but beware that the city has traffic can run in if you are not careful, you will lose speed. Dispersed throughout the city are some places you should go and who are led by an arrow-like color Crazy Taxi. The controls are simple, using the arrow keys for acceleration, braking and turning. The X key honk is just for fun.

There are always three active tasks in this game and you can complete in any order you want. Be careful, however, all these measures are scheduled to be completed at the time given. Some steps reward you with extra points for having family members in the car (such as Burger bar) and some steps must be completed just to get the maximum points (Spa, Yoga, Hair Stylist). The goal is to reach the end of the day having reached a certain amount of points and each day becomes progressively more difficult.

I found that use of the map is a need to help figure out where to go. HUD's design is simple and well thought out. Throughout the city is collecting increasing your score or increase your timer. You can also pick up items only fun to change the color of your car in 3D to help to add good variety in the game.

A small complaint about this game It's a bit difficult, which could make them less attractive to a wider audience young. Also you have to always drive on the road or if you hit the invisible collision wall. It would have been nice to have more freedom to drive and explore the city more interesting.

If you are looking for an entertaining game 3D free, which offers busy multitasking and racing fun, look no further than Soccer Mom.

Ned is a big free online games fan and can always point you towards some good free 3d games

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