Magnet Cleaner

By · Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Magnet Cleaner
Best way to clean carpets from the coca-cola spills?

I have a toddler and would prefer not to use chemical cleaners, but after using soap and water and let dry site, I realize that seems to be a magnet for dirt. Is there a way to clean at home? Am I too late to have a professional cleaner to remove the stain. Thanks for your time.

More than likely it's because there are still residues of Coca Cola syrup on the carpet, perhaps filling. Recla the area with soap and water. Once done, put a towel over the area and set something heavy (like a brick) on top of the towel. Liquids always go from wet to dry areas, it is called wicking. Like a flooded room, once the water has no dry ground to go to, will start the train until walls. What happens once you put the brick (or something heavy weighing on the carpet) in the towel is the water will go from the carpet in the towel. That should solve your problem. Hope it helps!

Using the Biorb Magnet Cleaner

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