Magnetic Cleaner

By · Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Magnetic Cleaner
couple of questions?

I have a couple of questions .. and thank you all help me! magnetic cleaner to clean the inside of your tank .. I wash with tap water between different tanks? or bad? as 8-10 if I have African cichlids in a variety of gallon to 29 with Aqua Tech 20-40 gallon filter, I need something to add more air, like a bomb or a wall of the bubble? and no walls help add air bubble? What is a good sized fluorescent tubes my 29 gallon .. I think it came with a 24-inch and 20-watt is a just one when it burns? And how often should I change to 5 gallons in my tank 29 gallons? Thank you very much boys!

1. It's a good idea to wash your glass cleaner or with hot water when moving from one tank to another. Every time I pass from one tank to another with the team should be washed thoroughly. That's one of the main forms of disease can spread between tanks otherwise. 2 and 3. Walls of the bubble does not add a significant amount oxygen in the water in an aquarium filter. Only used for decoration in normal circumstances. They are useful in treating a tank with medications that reduce oxygen levels, however. 4. Always need to replace a fluorescent bulb with the same wattage bulb. The starter and ballast are matched to the power the bulb. 5. I suggest making the change of water once a week. Be sure to vacuum the gravel to go:) MM

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