Maker Aquarium

By · Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Maker Aquarium
How can I get the huge bubble of air out of my underground aquarium filter?

I have a 125 gallon aquarium care at work. It has a filter Tube with 6 tubes that come with 5 of them with air lines bubble stones in them and one has a Maker Bubble jet things on it. Somehow I made it its huge bubble of air trapped in the filter subway lines, the only way to realize this was by looking under the tank. The huge bubble has caused me to go outside airstones Wack and sometimes work and sometimes not. But I know that is not airstones because if you stick in the water that bubble away, and then paste in the tubes leading to the underground filter to stop working. Any suggestions, besides throwing the whole thing and redo-ing it? Thank you!

Not sure I understand the problem completely, but think if you can take a turkey baster and fill it with water from the tank and the water hit the main drain that will change the system pressure and cause the air escape. This more then likely need a bit of debree from the bottom, but should solve the problem. PK

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