Marine Aquarium

By · Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Marine Aquarium
Marine aquarium?

Im considering a marine set. I wonder if there are pointers really great for this. I have a 200 gallon tank like coral and fish that live around. I Wold like some tips and there are some fish do not recommend or have? I would fish with great personalities that will be interesting to keep.

Wow this is a big order. First, recommend getting keeppers Bible Marina. This is a great book. You will not be able to get the corals for a few months so let's start with the rock. There are different types of rocks so you have to do the research that is available and what type you prefer. Since you have a 200, the rock base to start. Type of research and personallities types of fish that go together, that would depend on're willing to look. Trigger are noted for their persoallities membranes as well as perc. Tangs also have a great personallity Each fish is different. I would suggest doing basic research or to purchase fish then easy to see shop could see a tank full of clowns and only two of them are unique. Clown Sweetlip environment are also big fish. Puffers however can pose a problem with a reef tank. They tend to fragment the rock and no matter what piece of it. Most of the triggers will not hurt the reef, but to rearrange the deposit of the way in which you want the tank. Butterflies are nice in the tank. Beware of corals, some just do not get along and will kill each other. Some starfish, sea urchins. I would suggest getting the book Marine. There are thousands of fish to pass. is a decent place. As always, if you need more please email.

Ganzel’s Reef Tank – 130 g. – 70 g. sump – december 2008 – saltwater aquarium

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