Marineland Eclipse

By · Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Marineland Eclipse
Enter Fishkeeping …?

I am getting into Aquaria. I currently have a betta in a tank and I want to get him a bigger house. I have seen a Marineland Eclipse System 12 Aquarium Kit at Petco. Is this a good starter tank? Will Bob betta be happy in it. What other fish can I put with it? Maybe some female bettas? Any other advice would be helpful.

a twelve is perfect for a small community with a betta fish NO women with men, more men and women a man can be grouped, men are only one bowl that can be added-a tropical fish that isn't too aggressive and you have fins striking as a betta, or is a clip so good tank mates include ghost shrimp tetra zebra danios Africa Mollies Cory cats dwarf frogs snails and many more! only do research, remember that betta is a tropical fish, and it should be housed with other tropical fish and water temperature should be regulated with a heater, and Rememer to stick to the fish that will be able to spend his life in the 12 liters, for example, angelfish can be located with a betta with a careful watch, but it requires a very large tank

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