Marineland Magnum

By · Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Marineland Magnum
Marineland Magnum 350 Pro help filter?

I have a 30 gallon fish tank with fish Oscar. I recently installed a Marineland Magnum 350 Pro System. It was work well when hooked me up. Two weeks later, when I tried to change the filter water is sucked from the tank and sprayed all over. Now, the filter is to remove water from the tank and overfilling the filter. You end up spraying everything. The filter only removes water from the tank and not put the water back into the tank. I called the number provided, and what I said does not help. How can I fix this?

Dude, it's so ironic, I just cleaned my filter and dang it happened to me. What I do is turn the valves that are in use and outtake pipes all the way, so that, in other words, water will not pass any how the tubes. Then there will be real strong suction when trying to remove the filter cover, some water will still be well warned, but stop after a second, because it is only the water remaining in the tubes. Then do you have to do (means of exchange, etc.) and monitoring of how high the level water in the pot itself. If enough water to the filter, turn the dial on the inlet pipe a little to restrict the amount of water goes into the filter. Here is where a little tweaking is necessary. Or do not know if this works all the time but I unplugged mine without setting off the mark to restrict the flow of water and let it go to fill the filter, then just before it began to leak everywhere, which made it very fast and have been monitoring the can to see if the water leak. So far, a small spill, but with a little adjustment that seems like I have tamed the beast again. lol:) Hope this helps:) This is the best solution I have found for this filter, I got free, so do not complain too much, but it sounds like a lot to do but once the gift has not been below water spraying out as 2 liters per second across the floor. If you discover a better method that you tell me yetitoo @ yahoo dot com

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