Marineland Penguin

By · Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Marineland Penguin
Any owner of a Marineland C-360 Canister filter?

Hello! I just purchased a Marineland Canister C-360 filter along with a Penguin power filter, I just wanted to get some comments from people who have the Marineland Canister filter. How is the performance? And it is easy to maintain? With how often they change the media? EHIEM I bought a wet / dry cartridge before reserving the Marineland and had to return because it was full of water and have my carpet wet, anyone have this problem with Marineland? Is it water tight?

I have no experience with Marineland Canister C-360, but I'm thinking of getting One, I know someone who uses it and says it is one of the best filter cartridges that have. They said it is very easy to use and get water everywhere. Also I have heard nothing good from the EHIEM wet / dry cartridge filters, and heard the same complaint I had about him. I use the penguin power filters in all my deposits (three in 350 liters of my 150, an 350 on my 75 gallon to 100 in my 20 gallon) I love penguins, and recommend it to anyone. In my 150 gallon tank I'm thinking of getting a C-360 so that when these fish get a little bigger, so I hope it is as good as I have said it is. Sorry did not get more answers, not to many people in here have to deal with filters that are responsible for a 100 gallon tank, which is a bit much for betta tanks talks all about here. Good luck with your tank and hope that the filters work for you. PS If you do not have an aquarium heater I recommend the Visi-Therm Deluxe, also are made by Marineland and are great, I'm running two 300 watts on my 150 gallon and one 250 watt per gallon in the 75. They are great, very easy to set the temperature and are accurate in measure. Good luck again.

Zeus the crown tail betta in his 5.5 gallon planted aquarium.

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