Master Test

By · Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Master Test

Although more commonly thought that women are the cause of infertility problems, people should remember there is no such thing as infertility in men. And that is what I am here to discuss with you today. If you are afraid you may be infertile, a test of male infertility may be just what you need.

The initial screening test male infertility:

Infertility male physical tests:

1. Semen analysis: This test male infertility will be evaluated by an expert. It measure different aspects of man's sperm, including sperm count, sperm movement, sperm shape, and various other factors. In general, if the number of male sperm is high and the sperm have normal shape, then the chance of being fertile man is much higher. However, studies have shown that about 15% of men who are infertile have a lot of normal shaped sperm.

Thus, if the semen analysis in his first test of infertility male normal leaves, the doctor may order a 2nd test only to confirm their results. If both tests are normal, this is usually a good indicator that the man Not the one with fertility problems.

Now, if the semen analysis comes back with abnormal results, your doctor will have to order more tests to determine exactly what the problem. If the results come back showing that there is no semen in every man's sperm, this can actually be a good thing. This could mean that only one thing that blocks sperm in the ejaculation process. This can be a good discovery, as it could be easily fixed through surgery.

2. The physical examination:

A physical property review conducted during a test of male infertility can uncover issues such as varicocele or an imbalance hormone. During the examination of the testes size measurement.

3. Evaluation of hormone levels:

Testosterone is a very important hormone in sperm production, therefore, if testosterone levels are abnormally low man, this can affect your body's ability to produce sperm. However, this question proved to be the sole cause of infertility in about 3% of cases involving men infertile.

4. Genetic Evaluation:

A male infertility test considering that genetics may determine when there is a genetic problem man is the cause of the infertility.

There are many male fertility problems can be detected by a test of male infertility.

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