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By · Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Maxi Jet
Saltwater tank cycle help!?

Hello! I am on the second day of my setup and salt water and have a lot of questions! The most I have been able to find answers online, but such has me puzzled. I have a 55 liter tank with an Emperor 400 filter marine filter coal (2) and biowheels (2) Maxi Jet pump Seaclone with a protein skimmer, 10 lbs of live rock, live sand, a blue damsel. I just tested and got my pH I tried my 7.8 and ammonia to see if the cycle had begun yet, but the ammonia is still at 0 ppm. My fish, however, seems stressed … is displaying all the behaviors of high ammonia. I have not proved anything yet. I started my tank two days ago and used a product called AmQuel, according the recommendation of the owner of the store. Now that I understand a bit more about cycling, I'm confused about why I would use AmQuel. "I no delay process of the bicycle as my ammonia is in 0ppm? Help! Do I need more fish? Rock Live?

Very well – he is learning! What Amquel is supposed to do (by manufacturer) neutralizes ammonia, but leaves it in a bioavailable form for bacteria so that less water changes are necessary. " Take what you will of that. Is likely to keep any ammonia (or nitrite, nitrate) appear in their tests, so it will be impossible for you to know when the tank is fully cycled. I stop using it, personally. The pH is a bit on the bottom – it should seek to elevate to a 8.0 or higher (preferably 8,2-8,4). This could be a source of stress to fish, too. Since the tank is on the smaller side, I like to do a partial water change to get some of the Amquel. I also look to add some kalkwasser to raise the pH – is caustic, so be careful when using this. Mix it in a clean jar with water and let it settle for 30 minutes before using. Use an eyedropper or spoon to put in a little (no more than 1 / 2 dropper or 1 / 2 teaspoon) at a time and add this slowly – depending the size of your tank, which could take some time (and quite a few droppers full) to increase its pH. Once you order, then you can simply add replacement water. No other products discussed in pH (pH above Aragamite, etc. I tried these and kalkwasser is best to go above 8.0). You could add more live rock – it is really up to you, but not much 10 lbs. Biological filtration for reef systems, I've seen 1 lbs / gal to rock the Pacific or 1.5 lbs / gallon Atlantic / Caribbean rock recommended. If the tank is fish only, you can use any number you want, but the rock more you have, the more area there for bacteria to colonize. BTW, the protein skimmer is probably not much to remove, however, unless your live rock has a lot of die-off. You can save up to about the third week of operation. Good luck with the tank!

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