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By · Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Media Bag
What to do with a bag of Doritos down, and a fall Nacho?

Do you have a medium size bag of Doritos to go with a fall cheese – I open the bag, and have over 5 full-sized chips, the rest are basically crushed smaller than a dime. Immersion refused! Was thinking of dumping the bag in the bathroom and use a spoon, but that seems a bit lame. Any other ideas out there?

Make a pot of chili or open a can and heat. Pour some crushed Doritos on top and put a little dip at the top as an accent. It really dresses a plain bowl of chili. Or do some hot dogs, sprinkle the hot dog at the Doritos and dip Nacho use as a condiment.

Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars

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