Media Filter

By · Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Media Filter
I have a cascade filter, some say, after two weeks to keep the media, but only wash it, say others ..

than pull and put a new filter. I understand, first, the bacteria filter media is valuable, but on the other hand, the new filter media is needed, to catch new bacteria. How can you when opposed to the other?

There are filters that have both … removable media, and a bio filter bed permanent … If you do not have one of these filters …. you do not have a complete filter system …. Power filters Don, t have been made permanent filter beds to be used with undergravel filters (which are biofilters and grow tons of bacteria). Look biowheels Marineland, AquaClear … or tetratech. Whispers .. are incomplete unless TRIAD Tey say in them.

Hardball: President Obama Bypassing the Media Filter?

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