Membrane Add

By · Friday, June 12th, 2009

Membrane Add
Imagine yourself as the membrane is required for a sign that its effect, but is it necessary?

Currently only after the signal and the cytoplasm have been incubated together. If the experimenter removes the signals from the cytoplasm before adding the membrane, the effect can still be detected. What the following findings are consistent with these observations? A. signal interacts with the cytoplasmic receptors B. the signal pathway involves interaction with a membrane component associated with C. the signal is unnecessary, but the membrane is necessary d. The signal path starts in the membrane and then progresses into the cytosol e. A and B

signal causes a response in the cytoplasm. the signal is effective even after removal of the signal and then adding the membranes. response is triggered without the presence of membrane? I think the signal that acts on something in the cytoplasm and then in the presence of the membrane occurs the signal response. Therefore, the signal interacts with a receptor cytoplamic and requires interaction with a component of the membrane envelope. because it does not c the signal is very needed and the membrane. which is not D, because the answer is only after the signal produced reacts with something in the cytoplasm

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