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Meter Aquarium

Phuket is one of the largest islands of Thailand on the west coast in the Andaman Sea and 900 km south of Bangkok, capital of Thailand. The island is approximately 40 km of beaches and 100 meters long bridge connecting the island of Phuket to the mainland.

History of Phuket
Over 500 years ago, the production tin was launched in Phuket and Phuket is an island rich. The production of tin was attractive to the Portuguese and British colonial powers. It was also attractive for many Chinese and Malay workers who settled in the island as laborers in tin mines. Phuket has become an attractive mix of cultures and are still visible the influences of China and Portugal in the old town. Phuket also has a strong Muslim community, 35% of the population of the island is Malaysia's Muslims.

The marine life of Phuket
Phuket is a paradise for water lovers with wonderful beaches, beautiful hills and forests. The numerous islands around Phuket and reefs provide an attractive marine life. There are a lot of water activities like jet-skiing, diving, windsurfing, water skiing and parasailing. Also Aquarium visit Phuket, the Khao Phra Thae National Park and the esteemed Blue Canyon Country Club.

The Andaman region
Phuket is your point ideal base for exploring the many beautiful islands of the Andaman region. Explore Phang Nga Bay by boat to see the strange rock in the middle curve of the sea and the mysterious caves. Visit the famous Phi Phi Island, Similan Island and Racha Island. The host of the Similans best diving sites worldwide.

The hinterland Phuket
But there is more then just Phuket's beaches and water life. Take some time to explore the interior of the island to see a bit of the rainforest Left of Phuket, the rice fields and rubber plantations. Check out Phuket Town with many shops, malls and even a flea market and a few shops little craft. Stroll through the streets with houses of the Portuguese merchant who remember the legacy of the island.

The beaches of Phuket
If you want something from life night, visit Patong on the other side of the island. Kata beach has the popular, but also the most quiet and relaxing beaches of Karon and Surin. At the southern tip of the island there great family beach, Nai Harn Beach. It has a sheltered bay, a great beach and a long shallow sea which is ideal for children. There are plenty of shaded areas and restaurants and bars that make this beach one convenient place. The best beaches in Phuket are on the west side of the island, although wind can be rough with waves.

Getting around by car or bicycle
Driving around Phuket can be crazy by the chaotic traffic, lack of standards and many drunk drivers. But if you stay in and around the roads, should not be so bad. Just watch how the local unit. The main road is Rt 402 that crosses connecting Phuket beaches more important, like Patang and Surin and of course the famous and very romantic Sunset Point.

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