Mini Pellet

By · Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Mini Pellet

Although other terms such as "just in time production are used, lean manufacturing is the most common way to describe this main objective modern methods of production. But what exactly is lean manufacturing? How does it benefit the consumer and / or industries that use it? How can improve the quality of Lean Manufacturing, keeping costs low?

The idea of lean manufacturing is not new, but has received much attention in recent years. Basically, lean manufacturing is looking for waste and inefficiencies and eliminate them. Anything that does not add value, functionality or quality that can be stripped out is removed from the production process. Continuous improvement of the shortest, fastest route possible is the ultimate goal.

If a company can offer a higher quality product at a lower cost than its competitor, has a clear advantage.

In the past, manufacturing companies, basically, produces its products to meet orders and everyone stayed to do their own thing, provided that the goods were made to the specifications and deadlines are met. For manufacturing of fat to function better, everyone in the supply chain should be more informed, because the end result usually involves several manufacturers. If there is a communication breakdown, things will be less efficient.

If a manufacturing process unnecessarily duplicated in members of the supply chain can be eliminated if it does not contribute value, function, or quality. A workflow is the only correct way to get the best results at less cost. This is one more reason for cooperation within a supply chain. Transportation, assembly machine, inventory, quality and consistency of inspection, material handling, these affect the flow and are working closely evaluated to achieve lean production.

Besides the cost savings, another benefit for Lean Manufacturing is often a better use You can make smaller spaces. With solutions such as work cells, minimal movement of parts and assemblies creates greater efficiency with less manufacturing space. Others agree to include defect reduction, less handling, better on-time delivery, and less inventory or storage requirements.

Lean manufacturers can obtain higher quality products to market faster, control costs, reduce waste associated with chain members supply to achieve the most efficient workflow, and provide better value for consumers, while still profit.

Steve Chittenden is the webmaster for H&L Advantage, a lean manufacturer of plastic products. Services include plastic injection molding, design, tooling, and product development. Please visit for more information.

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