Moss Aquarium

By · Friday, December 18th, 2009

Moss Aquarium
Some of my aquarium mosses do not appear to be growing?

I zippelianus Fissidens, flame moss, moss and Java Moss Willow. In fact, Java Moss growth seems to be fine, but the other 3 seem to have not grown at all. Its been about 3 weeks. I attached all the rocks and driftwood in the tank with cotton thread. I also have 2 long fluorescent tubes UVB on them 12 hours a day. This is a 55 gallon tank with fish and turtles, but have not touched or distur any of the plants. The water temperature is 76-78 degrees also. The bottom of the tank is all river rocks and rock charts. Am I doing something wrong? Any advice is great thanks!

I see nothing wrong with the setup. I think you just have to wait for the moss to get settled and attached to the rocks before they begin to grow. Sometimes the moss can be stubborn.

RCS On Java Moss and Crypt Wendtii

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