Moss Tank

By · Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Moss Tank
Tips for planting and Java Fern Java Moss in a 10 gallon tank?

I am planning on planting my betta 10 gallon long aquarium Java ferns and Java moss … I need a step by step instruction on the response of flowering as the healthiest and largest plants. How do plant (plant substrate or insurance to driftwood / rock)? Do you need some special light in addition to ambient light? Do you need fertilizer?

Depending on your budget this may change, but this is what I mean. Youre going to need and Florita laterite in combination to the substrate. About two inches of the mixture and an inch of land if wants, but not nescesary. Java moss is connected to anything, even glass. Java Fern is also a great plant, where the cut should be adjusted evenly all to make it grow bigger / more exuberant. If desired, you can buy a piece of wood and plants connect to it using a thin cut.

Moss tank

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