Multi Fan

By · Saturday, December 19th, 2009

Multi Fan
My Gateway laptop is constantly cooling fan operation. Is this normal?

The fan is all the time, running very strong. I've started to use my laptop to make multi-track recordings of my music, but the fan makes a lot of background noise with Miked recordings. Whether I have the computer running for a while or has been disabled or sleep, once the laptop is on, the fan runs all the time. I think I could have been different before, I seem to remember that the fan to come occasionally, but I admit I do not really pay attention to that before you start trying to record my music. Is this a normal function for my computer? Is there anything I can do about it? I do not worry much yet to get around the problem of noise in my recordings as I am to get information on the normal operation of my laptop and how to resolve this problem! Thank You!

There is probably a setting in the BIOS always says connected to power the fan always runs. It could also be dust from the heatsink. Take some compressed air and off.

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