Nano Cube

By · Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Nano Cube
How much would a 6-gallon Nano Cube cost?

How much would a 6-gallon Nano Cube cost? This would still be space enough water for the clownfish?

No, that space is not enough for a clown fish! Get a 30G or larger "nano" for the clownfish. The nano cube itself will be in the hundreds and depends on the brand. You are much better to start with as nanocubes anyway. The 6 gallon is a nightmare as they have sudden changes temperature, water quality, etc are very limited in what they can accommodate, and are not worth it because they are a lot of work for very little reward. You are much better spent the little extra and get at least 12 per gallon on the things that can house as the Catalina goby or other cute small fish, but is still very limited, even then.

24 gallon nano cube….

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