Nano Reef

By · Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Nano Reef

When people think of a reef tank, often fail to fully understand what it is. When asked about nano reef tanks, which often become even more confusing. While a nano tank gaining popularity for those who enjoy reef aquariums, which can be confusing, as well as a normal reef tank, iPod nano reef tank with live coral and other sea creatures in an aquarium. While the fish tanks are mainly fish, nano reef aquarium focuses on real live coral reef itself. The tank is to display the live coral, with fish and other plants and stones used to accentuate the beauty of the living rock.

Basics of a reef aquarium Nano

The foundations of these tanks actually revolve around the size of the tank itself. While the normal reef tanks aim to take a small section of the sea and have to live in an aquarium, the tank has to nano to another level, trying to do in a small tank. While some say that anything smaller than 40 liters is a nano tank, while others think that the deposit must be less than 20 gallons. If While this is a way to save on costs and the size of a tank, there are consequences nano reef aquariums are often much more difficult than usual care, as the tank smaller means less water, which means more water changes and more attention to the tank.

This is not necessarily All About Coral Reef

Yes, the purpose of a nano reef tank is to focus and show the real life of coral reefs. The other tank life, however, remains important and should be thought. There are many types of life that exist in these types of tanks that are important to the ecosystem of the tank, which needs phytoplankton mushroom polyps, and powerful nematocysts in the tank to ensure that the ecosystem of the tank allows the coral to live and thrive. For soft corals and the look of the tank, clown fish and cleaner shrimp anemones, along with other sessile animals, are important. If you are adding a lot of fish, know and care with aggressive fish, these fish can completely ruin the environment and the life of corals and other creatures that live in the nano reef tank.

This is a smaller scale

A nano reef is the idea of the reef tank normal and leads to a much smaller scale. While the reef is normal feature of the smaller fish, the real goal is in the living reef. Fine particulate foods and small particles of matter organism is present when looking into a nano reef tank, since everything is in a much smaller scale. Everything in the tank will be a smaller size at the end of the day, coral reefs should be the largest and most prominent thing in the tank as it is a showcase and intent of the tank.

Think Tank

The tank that is used is as important as what you have been living in it. Having a good place to live corals and fish to live is essential, adding a sand bed good for nano reef aquarium is a great way to increase the feeling of the tank, and to the ecosystem than it needs. A large coral keeper ensures check the temperature and orientation of the coral colony with care, and use of protein skimmers to help clean up the food from organic materials and of corals that can be obtained in a tank.

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Setting up a nano reef tank step-by-step

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