Narrow Leaf

By · Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Narrow Leaf
Helianthus leaf under a microscope?

I drew a cross section of a sunflower leaf as seen in the microscope … but I'm perplexed as how to tag it! it looks nothing like the structure of the road im used to. I recognize the epidermis (small circles around the development), but in the center its just a series of large circles with a large circular area of small. It also has two narrow projections looks similar to this Image: Please Help alias sunflower Helianthus

I provide a series Photo of dicotyledonous leaves (Heliantus or other) depth study and see if you can label your own diagram. 20Cross% http://iusd. The section you have shown to passes through the midrib, so it has large semicircles in the center showing the vascular bundles. The two projections Epidermal hair could close. In the section we have given the two wings like projections on either side of the midrib are the leaf blade in view of section. The colored circles are the parenchymal cells of the midrib and a big circle with black outline is the "air bubble" that has entrees section, while cuuting or assembly

microsorum narrow leaf

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