Nozzle Sump

By · Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Nozzle Sump

Have you ever happened? You are a wild and beautiful on a hot summer day away from the nearest city, travel light, without a portable water purification. At a bend in the road is a clear implementation, cold current that seems so appealing. You just want to slide on his knees beside her and have a long, cold, delicious drink.

It is easy to be deceived by the beauty of the "unspoilt nature". But believe me, if you have drunk one of those idyllic streams and do not use a portable water purification stem put you directly in danger.

Do not do it again. Because the streams are almost certainly far from being as pure and clean as it looks. Bacteria from the feces of animals. Virus infected wild animals. Human feces of a camp upriver. Rotting corpses. Dead birds. The list of harmful, hazardous pollutants are found in desert waterways goes on.

Next time carry either clean enough bottled water for the ride, or take a light and efficient portable water purification.

Of course, you could leave behind these two and only boil the water, but there are a number of reasons not to.

On the one hand, takes a long time to so the boiled water to cool enough to drink. So it's only an option if you can boil at night to drink the next day. But even so, the use of fuel and resources to the fire to boil. Furthermore, boiling long enough to kill any harmful bacteria will remove the oxygen and water you drink later tasteless and disgusting.

But you can go shopping and find a water portable water purification system that will safely clean and contaminated desert whenever you want.

For example, chlorine or iodine in tap water tables clean up everything except the virus.

You just drop a standard tablet in a liter of water. It will kill most unpleasant and nasty little taste metal can be neutralized with a tablet. This is a convenient method, and probably the most portable on the market, but doctors advise against use during long periods.

One truly portable water purification system uses a filter that passes through water before drinking.

Some manufacturers have these filters in a water bottle. You simply take the water at the source, fill the bottle and suck the nozzle as the water current is established through the filter and what you drink is clean.

There are filters from carbon and others that are micro filters, and they all come with different prices. The goodwill get rid of lead, chlorine and chemical contaminants and can purify 40 gallons of water.

So there you have it. You do need some sort of purification system in the wilderness. I have written more about this at my web site, and visitors find the information there useful. So I recommend you click over there now and read some more as you decide what portable system would suit you best.

Len McGrane writes expertly about pure drinking water from his web site, where he gives advice and helps visitors with portable water purification systems.

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