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By · Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Off Kit

Several teams of microdermabrasion floods the industry's market every day. Some of these elements are deemed effective, while others are only make believe microdermabrasion kits. Now, how to distinguish the correct type of microdermabrasion equipment out there that serve the real purpose? For information visual potential additional product you want to buy, try to see microdermabrasion before and after videos and photos as well as some blogs, comments and testimonials customers.

Before using the equipment is very important to ensure that your skin is sensitive or allergic to any of the composition of such kit. Try to be tough and wise. Place a small amount of the element on your skin as a test to see if you are allergic to it or not. This technique definitely takes you away from products that are very harmful to the skin and health.

Let us now discuss the 5 most commonly microdermabrasion kits used at home. These 5 kits popular are: Philosophy microdelivery Peel Kit, Neutrogena Home Microdermabrasion System, L'Oreal Refinish Microdermabrasion System, DERMANEW System Startup, and Young Essence by Susan Lucci. Most customers are confused by the fact that several products continuously flood the market day by day. To order things, home microdermabrasion kits can be classified into four. These categories are:

The first category is the complexion. Among the four categories, is the least effective home microdermabrasion equipment. They are used to dull skin, blemished skin and improves skin complexion generally. Examples of this category include Dr. Brandt, Olay Regenerist Peel, L'Oréal Refinish, Epidermix, and Clinique.

The second category is that of the pores. Microdermabrasion Kits classifieds in this category are not very effective compared to the first category. The skin came off more effectively than the complexion category. To reduce and eliminate pimples, pores, and clogged pores. To name a few of this category are: microdelivery Peel, Lancome resurface, Mary Kay and Estee Lauder.

The category tine of the skin is the third. They are more efficient compared with the first two categories mentioned above and shed quite effectively. They are effective in the treatment of hyperpigmentation, sun spots, blemishes of aging skin, and skin tone irregularities. Examples of this category are micro abrasion Pearl Microdermix, Neutrogena and ponds.

The fourth category is the category of skin surface and is the most effective of all categories. It is said that the best teams microdermabrasion for home use. They are effective for treating superficial acne scars, bumps, fine lines and wrinkles. Examples include Visage Naturel Dermapower, Young Essence, and DERMANEW.

Above all things mentioned, always remember that not all home microdermabrasion kits that have an efficiency demonstrated by other individuals also apply to you because of hypersensitivity reactions.

As a pediatric nurse, Ben Gernyle enjoys helping people. He also enjoys a part time job writing about various skin conditions and treatments at his web site,, where he writes about microdermabrasion for acne and the results you might obtain from microdermabrasion.

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