Ornament Aquarium

By · Monday, June 8th, 2009

Ornament Aquarium
Is there any way of sealing a painted clay sculpture that is safe for aquarium?

I use it as an ornament in a large tank, I think it is ceramic and painted with what we assume is a flat black paint. I wonder if there is some sort of coating I can put on it to seal it? mayhaps some spray type? a bath? thanks.

I used aquarium sealant decor for years without any problems. After all, is the same material it is holding the tank together, so I'm pretty sure that support it. It is cheap at Walmart. Get some cheap brushes while you're there. They have the small section of crafts and great in the paint department. Gotta love Walmart. LOL! TIP **** **** Not some layers. You want to be sure that every inch is covered.

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