Ornament Fish

By · Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Ornament Fish

We've all heard, but what are we doing about it? Stress kills fish! In fact stress is not good for anything in large doses, including us same, so it should come as no surprise that it is bad for fish. But, how is?

Simple, like all of us, the fish are around a certain number of blood stream infections in the skin on their gills, and like us, most of the time had no effect. Your body's natural defenses against all very happy.

And then do something to stress out and latent infection breaks out, usually with devastating results.

Have you ever made a new pitch only to find everything available fish down with a severe case of white spot or ich. Let me guess, you did everything correctly quarantine and still happened.

. The stress of fish suffer stress of a variety of reasons, and we must understand if we are to reduce outbreaks of fish diseases.

Take a long hard look in the tank from the perspective of a fish. Most fish are territorial or at best enjoy swimming in the same area on a daily basis, either upper or lower half, I bet his patrol mainly with fish of the same area.

Here is the new kid on the block. Maybe even a band completely new, and need a territory. Now if you're lucky the fish will have a democratic view of this, sit down and talk things through and agreeing new borders without problems. On the other side can chase each other for the tank, which compete for the position until one or the other gives up and settles for a smaller place, and stressed about it.

Suddenly, fish are sick and guess what, the problem is spreading. Soon the fish are dropping like flies and all because you brought a stranger in the tank.

So what can you do to prevent this from happening? Reduce stress! Most fish swim the same pattern. So break the pattern before introducing the new one. Move an ornament or two, put in a new plant at the same time as the new fish. Create some new limits for smaller territories. Do not exaggerate, but only move the boundaries a little before adding new fish.

I think I will be surprised. Its new and old fish were recorded in whole lot faster and safer that fail to outbreak of disease in your aquarium. Try it and see, after all there's nothing to lose.

Nick North is a keen freshwater aquarium enthusiast and spends a great deal of his time writing articles to promote the hobby to anyone interested in taking it up as a pastime. He has now got his own website aimed at the new aquarium enthusiast which gives lots of useful information on starting your first freshwater aquarium. If you found this article useful check out the site at:


the ornamental fish living in my bowl

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