Ornament Pet

By · Saturday, December 19th, 2009

Ornament Pet

The holidays are when families gather. If you are in mourning, advertisements and programs that show happy families celebrating together can do more this season seem so long festive reminder of their loss. Fortunately, by incorporating his memories of his past loved one in their traditions, they can honor their grief while celebrating the holiday season. Here are some ways to incorporate lost loved ones in their holiday traditions.

Gifts in his name
A tradition that is gaining popularity is to continue to buy gifts for the dead. Instead of leaving the unopened gifts at home, given to the needy in memory of loved one.

Include a loved one lost in meetings
Many people keep a picture of the person who has died as a souvenir. Hold this special image during meetings and light a candle on special days.

During the holiday dinners, family and friends can take turns to share a memory favorite holiday of the deceased. If this is uncomfortable, a moment of silence can be taken before a meal or gifts for others to collect their thoughts and memories of the deceased.

Many families set a place at the holiday table for the deceased loved one. This configuration can be adorned with a candle or small flower arrangement.

If hanging stockings are a tradition at home, does not exclude that part of the deceased. Hang that one too, and instead of filling it with toys or sweets, people to write messages and memories on scraps of paper to fill the average.

Tree of Life and Enlightenment
Many organizations and families have tree lighting ceremonies during the holidays. Teams tree lights can be a reminder of their loved ones. These ceremonies are joined those who are experiencing similar feelings of loss. Joining in this manner may be a way to show support for others.

A person in mourning for the death of a loved one can sponsor a light on a tree, or bring an ornament to place on the tree. Once everyone has placed their special point in the tree, the tree becomes in a visual tribute to those who are remembered. Because the mourners gather, the tree lighting ceremonies of healing and rises.

A more personal tradition is to place a small fir tree next to the headstone of a loved one. The tree, if alive, then they can be planted after the season hall in a memorial garden, woods, yard a living tree can act as a memorial to long-term can benefit others in the future.

Do Home Decor in honor of a loved
Some people make ornaments for their loved ones pass. You can add this new ornament to his own collection, give a person in need of a holiday ornament, or use the ornament on a tree lighting ceremony. A family member or friend can also opt to place the ornament of serious person with some other items to help dress for the holiday season.

Do not try to pretend that is not thinking of a loved one during the holiday season. Instead, working through pain during the holidays, including the memory of a loved one in the old and new traditions.

~ Flora Richards-Gustafson, 2009

Coping with grief over the holidays is difficult for adults. Think of the strain it puts on children. Valley of Life’s children and grief help guide is a great resource for helping children cope with loss.


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