Ornament Plant

By · Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Ornament Plant
What is the best way to cycle a new aquarium using materials from the old tank?

im upgrading my tank soon to a larger, had many problems setting up my new tank (i was naive about the cycle and only heard what the local aquatic center told me … bad idea!) … obviously now I've wised up to it. Is it possible to buy a new sponge filter and place in the aquarium along with the existing old in a week or something? this would be beneficial? would altered levels in my old tank? IM also going to use the land of my old tank and all the plants and ornaments. i plan to monitor daily nitrite and no pus bad fish until it is safe, but I was looking for some tips or advice which may accelerate the process a litttle. thanks for any help

That's a good idea to run the new filter in the old tank for a while. I ran there for a week to get a little goes bacteria. use all the old stuff as you can, including gravel, etc, while heating to dry. We also use a portion of the old tank water to make things moving towards the new single. Moves to both the water and then the gravel and decorations, filter, etc., and finally fish. No need to wait on moving the fish to the tank again there is continuous materials Graveland old filter moist and not let them sit in a bucket of water for a day or so. In short, old material can be used as much as you can, keep moist and move quickly. In doing so, basically, move the tank cycle to another. MM

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