Ornament Tank

By · Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Ornament Tank
you can soak it in water aquarium ornaments with a little cleaning whitening your ornaments?

or is this bee-toxic to fish than

I do not see why everyone has an aversion to bleach … I just used bleach to remove a Black Beard algae outbreak in my 10 gallon tank, and it worked wonderfully (has been over two weeks, and I saw a strange behavior or death in fish). Simply remove the decorations you want to lye, put them in a bucket (not put in a sink, bleach will remove the finish on the drain if left there for a long time) with water a 19:1: bleach solution (19 cups water with 1 cup of bleach) and allowed to stand for at least 10 hours. Remove the decorations and let them soak in a bucket of water with dechlorinator * added a few hours, then leave to dry for at least 24 hours for the largely **. The only things I would not be floating chlorine as super porous rocks that could potentially absorb the bleach and release it into the tank. Only ornaments plastic bleach. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Soop Nazi * Bleach is NaClO. The harmful element chlorine is Cl (chlorine), simply adding dechlorinator neutralizes the chlorine, leaving with Nao (sodium oxide), which is harmless to fish. ** Bleach completely loses its toxicity after about 24 hours or be exposed to air.

Fish tank use to fill up gap T61 T85 T90

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