Outer Orbit

By · Friday, March 20th, 2009

Outer Orbit

Imagine being able to explore the recess of outer space and be able to land on the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and to be able to communicate with friends and family on Earth. Just think about the opportunities to learn about whether there were other forces of life on these planets and the solar system.

What endless knowledge to bring back on the rocks, minerals, chemicals and more at our laboratories here on Earth to help us generate energy, electricity, energy and even solar energy sources other than a car without using gas or oil. Or create and build a spacecraft that one can purchase boat and a crew to Mars and beyond within a short time. Well, I can not see this anymore. Just read Solar Sea by David Summers and this and much more about space and the possibility of new, faster and more extensive space travel will be yours.

On board this amazing flight to the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn we with a group of scientists, astronauts, NASA chief, naval officers, biologists, linguists, and more. We even have an extra bonus added to the mystery of this flight and what is the real purpose might be: Thomas Alonzo Quinn has created a separate character for him unknown to anyone, including his father the chief Quinn Corp., the company that is funding this trip to outer space. Thomas Quinn decided to build this spaceship when he was a toddler. His father, Jerome, never really took it seriously and never realized that he was the man who was responsible, or the pilot of this trip into space.

NASA has been dissolved and the humans have settled on the moon. A technician from the Very Large Array, a radio telescope in New Mexico, makes a discovery that changes everything. Discover the particles powerful orbiting the planet Saturn's moon Titan. Hoping that this could be a new source of energy because oil has become practically nonexistent on Earth, Quinn Corp decides to find out what is really there and more.

We all know that whales have their own distinct song. When This discovery about the particles in orbit around Saturn is composed around the Earth whales change their songs at night.

Mounting a group of the best and the most knowledgeable scientists, biologists, linguists, astronauts and more Thomas Quinn builds a solar sail spacecraft for find these particles in the orbit of Titan. Jonathan Jefferson, an astronaut who landed on Mars, Natalie Freeman, a navy captain, Myra Lee, a biologist whose main specialty is understanding the communications of whales, his assistant Lisa, John O'Connell, the coach who first discovered particles together a tour of the solar system and what they find will change their lives forever.

Alonzo Thomas Quinn is the mastermind behind the trip. Its main concern is to find more information about particles called Chrontons in order to learn what he could do for humanity. But things do not go as planned and many lives are at risk, and the mission takes a turn at the end that keeps you wanting more. Of the extraterrestrial beings who can teach us one or two things about the vast space and its wonders, to be rescued by aliens when the vessel is inoperable David Lee Summers keeps the reader in suspense until you turn the last page.

Throughout the book Myra Lee and his work as assistant to find out what whales are saying and that they are communicating with. You will have read this novel, surprising and exciting to find the answers. Do you have to know what whales are saying? What does it matter in the outcome of the voyage and foreigners who are you? What is the fate of Thomas Quinn and what lessons can we learn from foreigners in this book and more?

This book receives Five Star Gold and five BRAND NEW ARISTACHUS To browse more trips.

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I am the author of three children’s books and presently writing a fourth on Alzheimer’s to provide a resource for families that have a loved one with the illness. My mom is in the last stages of the illness and I am writing her story and the story of many others too.

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