Pack Lot

By · Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Pack Lot

Every 23 hours in the Mafia War can get a bundle of energy, taking its total power to 125% of the total maximum. Since you can only get this one once a day, you should take advantage of it. Here are some different scenarios that involve the best use of your package.

Scenario 1: Compilation consumer goods

To end the War of the mafia in New York, you need a lot of blackmail photos, concealable cameras and cell phones untraceable. However, "stealing the electronic store" Labor does not provide a very high amount of experience points for the cost of energy, making it difficult to level up outside of this work. However, with a power pack, you can start a new level of spending all their energy into the "stealing the electronic store "work, and then use the power pack and easy to level up with the extra energy boost.

Scenario 2: The Struggle against a head

If you have a high-energy account may be used Boss fights to make the most of your package. After using his energy package, expending energy until it is almost ready to level, but fail to make jobs, just before leveling. Now, back to the level Enforcer in New York and do the boss fight there. Now, while leveling, you will be able to start your new level with a large amount of free experience points carried over from the previous level.

Scenario 3: Use of terms

There are few jobs in the mafia war that do not provide a lot of experience points, as the "lot loot Police Impound one "work in New York. For jobs like this, you can use your power pack to finish this work quickly and move jobs more efficiently.

With these strategies, you never have to leave your package to waste energy going back!

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