Palythoas Live

By · Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Palythoas Live
Anyone familiar with LPS corals?

I've been keeping soft corals and LPS, mushrooms, zoanthids, and in my tank palythoas ample time, no major issues to discuss. Sometimes when I reworked the Aquascape or do any work on the tank that could stir up sediment and aggravate corals, I can see mucous expelled. I am not worried and I know that is normal. What I am curious about a particular passage. When work on the tank that I have to wait to see a coral or two with a series of mucosal broke up, but occasionally I see the same mucous from the head of the skeleton of a candy cane frag I thought who had died a year or so ago. Now my question is this. Is it really dead? I've heard some say that coral like this can relive after years of thought has gone forever. Others say that once the coral has declined to the point of disappearing altogether, there is no return. I had accepted the fact that I had bought a piece and fade and could not save him.

can be realized hope that helps

gena’s 10g reef tank

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