Pcs Aquarium

By · Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Pcs Aquarium
Aquarium lighting upgrade?

Recently graduated to my pc lighting to metal halide. My question is that my corals will well just under 20k (2-150W) metal halide lighting and you still have to run the 2 96W Actinics. There LPS, mushrooms, leathers, polyps and 2 clams. The tank is a 55g and has been for almost 4 years.

The problem I see with your situation is that your understanding of the light spectrum and actinic term common appears to be twisted. The 20k of lighting that is currently running is almost like running and actinic lights. 20k bulb is very blue. If the clams are not doing well, may be too late to know. Clams often do not experience 'pinched mantle' to indicate that they are suffering. Clams may seem perfect today and am 100% dead, no chance of survival. Therefore, using the clam as a "barometer" for success is with his 20k MH lights not a good idea. If you choose to add supplements of 2 x 96W Actinic, then what action you want to do with your MH is smaller degree Kelvin in the 12K-14K range. This will add the crisp white / red spectrum (daylight) in your tank. Actinic supplementation will run in approx. 460nm and blue to create the actinic 'pop' to corals that fluoresce you. Here's the way I like to run my MH lights. And I am able to do this without actinic supplementation none at all. One of the best mid-range MH bulb you can use to get natural light and actinic light on your system (great colors FYI) is the DE 150W 14K Phoenix or bulb. I do not know if the device is DE or SE, so it may not be accurate with that recommendation, but Phoenix makes two outbreaks, so do not worry. I have all my equipment curls its Web site. They are very well informed, not sell you things you do not need just to make a sale, and its price is comparable to any large aquarium shops Internet (if not, just send a link and they will match the price). Critters are saltwater. Best of luck with your new light. Remember to acclimatize its coral and fish to the new lighting, more intense MH. Shorten their hours to about 4 hours per day for one week. The next week increase it to 5 hours / day. A Following week increase to 6 hours a day, and continue to the light cycle found that works best for you. For your information, you can increase your MH lighting 6 superior "than they normally keep them and less than 1" every week until they return to the height you normally hang. A combination of these two acclimation process will guarantee that you are well acclimatized animals. Here is the link to 150w bulbs Phoenix Critters sea swimmer

Mineral Oil Submerged PC in Aquarium (original video)

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