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By · Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Penn Plax

More than a beginner fish keeper has struggled with the age old question … must start with a freshwater aquarium or saltwater? Although it is recommended that a beginner start complete with a freshwater tank, you can choose to saltwater. Just be ready for work!

The best option for a newcomer is an aquarium freshwater. The reasons are that it is easier to establish and maintain its saltwater cousin. Furthermore, it is easier to keep your fish healthy freshwater. They tend to be less fussy and adapt to changes more quickly.

For the more experienced aquarist, salt water can be an exciting challenge. The entire range of species, plant life, corals, it is not surprising that many people are attracted by the intrinsic beauty of a saltwater aquarium.

When will try to start a saltwater aquarium? It is recommended that at least been able to establish and maintain at least a freshwater fish tank. And so, I mean recently. The tank had as a child when you saw your dad do all the work does not count!

The saltwater fish are much more sensitive to changes in their environment. No simply being able to recognize this, but you must have experience in maintenance so that you can successfully care for their environment without harming the fish.

Finally, the last thing to consider is the maintenance aspect of maintaining a saltwater aquarium in front of a freshwater tank. You have to constantly monitor and maintain the proper salt level for deposit. If this level drop too (which is really very little at all) the whole system is at risk. You can eliminate all and each fish by inadequate maintenance.

This is not intended to frighten or dissuade him from further raising saltwater fish. However, consider carefully the time and effort it will take.

Whichever solution you attempt, you should invest in a good canister filter. I highly recommend the Fluval 305 canister filter for tanks over 30 gallons.

The Penn Plax Cascade canister filter line of filters is another excellent choice. Find out more!

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