Phosphate Remover

By · Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Phosphate Remover
remover of phosphate fertilizers affect?

phosphate removers are liquid fertilizer affect the well-planted tank of my i ask because I a problem of algae.

Phosphate is one of the nutrients that plants need to grow. The error level of phosphate in the tank will affect things. Not enough, custom plants grow. Too much and too much algae will flourish. So find out what your phosphate level should be and then decide whether to add more or put in a phosphate remover to reduce the level. I think from the memory to the phosphate level is approximately 10% of the nitrate level. So if you have 20 ppm nitrate then have to 2 ppm of phosphate for plant growth. Ian

SeaKlear Phosphate Removal Video

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