Plane Decoration

By · Friday, July 10th, 2009

Plane Decoration

There is much talk these days of parents to have "quality time" with their children. What better way to have quality time to build a dollhouse custom cardboard from appliance boxes. Appliance stores will generally give these pictures of the freedom of any person requesting it. Then cut holes for windows and doors and decorate the house with paint, curtains, pictures and other items.

Let your child or children involved in the design and decoration to the extent possible. You can even use multiple boxes to make a very big house. The adult can do the cutting and gluing and supervise the painting. If one asks in stores around your house, interior latex paints that have been returned or mixed improperly can be purchased for almost nothing. Make your own paint cupboard or ask a friend and you can probably find as much paint as needed at no cost. A local dollar store is a great place to get furniture. Moreover, the garage or attic, a friend or neighbor, garage or attic, a thrift shop or a garage sale make great places to get the furniture and decor with little or no cost.

Once the house is completed, the child or children will have a theater good to have friends at home, have tea parties, or simply hang in. More importantly, this will be more than a toy for the child, will remind me of one thing clear they did with their parents or parents who fondly can look back on many years from now.

Michael Sakowski is a father of 5 children and creates informational websites dealing with crafts, hobbies, and home repair in his spare time. He is the author and owner of , a site that features the Internet’s only Appliance Box House Contest.

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