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By · Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Plant Free

Hydroponic systems are thought to help overcome the productivity of the soil growing plants. Because of this there are people who want to try or experience this method. In nearby the future, this will truly be an environmentally controlled agriculture that most gardeners and growers to enjoy. If you are interested in experiencing this type gardening, it is best to know the different types of systems available so you can better distinguish between the varieties that suit you best.

1. Mecha's system – that operates under a very simple parameters. A fuse is used to drain the reservoir and nutrients on the tray. It is a fully automated procedure that requires little effort of you.

2. Water Culture System – among all active hydroponic systems this is the simplest. Styrofoam is used to support floating plants directly to the nutrient solution. This is the system that is best for the classroom, where students can learn to use the profits that work on the water system on the environment.

3. The ebb and flow of the system – this is also known as the flooding and drainage. This system works by temporarily flooding grow tray with nutrient solution and then draining the solution back into the tank. This is usually done with the submersible pump that is connected to a timer.

4. Drip system – is the most widely used type of hydroponic systems. The operation of this is not a simple timer controls a submersed pump. The timer will be the turn on the pump and nutrient solution is dripped into the base of each plant by a small drip line.

5. Nutrient Film Technique – this uses a constant flow of nutrients to wash the roots of plants. Because this system uses no growing medium, which allows better oxygenation, and the low maintenance cost.

6. Aeroponics system – which uses some of the basic principles in water-based plant growth unless soil. Plants here are usually hung on the top of the tank with the container is tightly sealed.

To better understand the various types of system, spend some time studying the different methods before making a final decision. Hydroponic systems are fairly easy to configure and use. Your taste buds certainly know the difference in these home-grown fruits and vegies.

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