Plants Aquarium

By · Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Plants Aquarium
how to care for aquarium plants?

I have an aquarium of 29 gallons and I planted the seed bulb in my tank. your state for weeks and have grown more than 1 m in height. My tank has 6 tiger barbs and I can not look after them. My phone is quite high, but its proper pH for the tabs tiger will tolerate. a leaf in a plant has reached the top of the water and is now floating like a lily. I inject CO2? What can I do about water changes? if Low water lily floating can stop driving? What should I do? What About fertilizers? I'm not sure if the pH is a factor. I was on vacation for 5 days and suddenly it grew huge. I think my grandfather left the light on all week. I just found your Nymphaea stellata or water lily right now its red color

Depends on how many planted. If you only have a couple of plants then it is not CO2 that needs no fertilizer or if it would be beneficial for them. 6 babrs not produce a lot of CO2, but thats ok. Plants generally prefer to use ammonia as a food source that the use of nitrite then nitrate. To find out more here is a good place to look like (is a summary of a very good book of Ecology planted aquarium) The stem of the Lily must be well for water changes. Only will move around all the time they do not exhaust too much at once. It also provides water of CO2 and other nutrients that plants need to try to make a 10-15% change a week. Plants have different requirements so I recommend doing some research on individual plants you could buy in the future.

Tips and tricks for handling plants in the aquarium, Tropica Aquarium Plants

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