Plastic Plant

By · Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Plastic Plant

Many become tasty dishes when adding the oregano plant. Whether you use this incredible herb fresh or dry, can still provide flavor and aroma desired. Cultivation of this plant is not as hard as you think, provided they are able to provide the necessary requirements such as water, soil, and sunlight. Some say fresh leaves are tastier compared to dried oregano, but experts say that oregano is one of the few herbs that retain their flavor and aroma, even when dry.

Tomato recipes will taste better if you can add the oregano. You can grow this herb seeds and planting can begin in small pots. Before the end of winter, you can plant the seeds. Sprinkle the seeds on the ground, but not cover them. Oregano Place the plant in a sunny and make sure you provide adequate water.

When spring comes and oregano has grown, it can be transplanted outdoors. Choose a sunny area outside where there are no well-drained soil. Oregano can thrive in rich soil in part the time it gets plenty of sunlight (preferably 6 to 8 hours). Each plant should be 10 "to 12" apart from other plant oregano. You can also water the plant when it is seen that the upper layer of soil is dry. This will ensure healthy leaves.

Try to keep in mind that the taste of oregano be affected if the use of compost, manure or fertilizer. When the buttons are floral bra try and so the plant can grow more bushy. This is the best way to enjoy the full flavor of the oregano plant. Since oregano Cascade is an herb, can be scaled in size by cutting the stems.

Monitor the growth of the plant and when it is 4 "tall, with more than twelve leaves home collection. When the plant is about 6 ", cut the stems to keep the height. The cuts will not affect the plant and instead can grow more leaves. The oregano plant should be harvested in the morning – when the dew dries. When the sun shines on the leaves, oils of the leaves will be lost and as its taste and aroma.

You can immediately use the leaves and chop fine for most tastes. The unused sheets can be stored inside the refrigerator, but put them in plastic. You can also hang crop stalks and leaves of the oregano plant in a dark, cool and well ventilated room. When is completely dry, you can now put it in plastic and store for future use.

Use the dried oregano in a period of 6 months and to discard of it after that period. If you are planting beans and broccoli in your garden, planting oregano would be great, because it can ward off insects. Follow planting instructions and soon your oregano plants will thrive in your garden. Now you can have a year long supply of oregano.

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