Plax Cascade

By · Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Plax Cascade

If you are a novice gardener and I wonder where to start – Basil could be your answer. Basil can be grown on the windowsill in a pot outside or on the floor. Once planted, it does not take much of your time. All that is required is basically for irrigation.

As Basil grows, will grow in height with a beginning of flowering. That is the best time to cut it.

You have many options for the use of Basil. You can use fresh leaves and pulling the put outside (after washing) in your pan, or sauces. It is well with meat or cheese. The smell of basil is wonderful. You can find many recipes using basil with pasta or other dishes. Pesto sauce that is easy and delicious, is a very popular sauce made with basil.

Basil is also just as tasty if dry. When the plant begins to flower cut stems and tie in bundles. You should hang in clusters related thesis in an area is without sunlight and has some airflow, but not is too hot or too cold. Another method of drying is to put the basil in a skillet in the oven and dry slowly.

When Basil is grown in summer usually have much more left when summer is gone. Basil can be frozen by the adoption of the stem leaves and place them in a plastic bag. Put in the freezer. The color of the basil can change the taste and smell are still use in your winter kitchen.

If basil is bothered by insects or diseases There aerosol can be done to fight this. In general, the errors stay away from Basil and other vegetables grown nearby.

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