Ply External

By · Monday, July 6th, 2009

Ply External
I have a Sony DCR-90E video camera, the files are in PC format on the external drive, now hv an iMac, the files are not ends, to help

Will ImageMixer 3 for Mac will provide the answer?

What do you mean "in PC format?" The iMac is a personal computer as AVI both as any personal computer. If the video format is. o. wmv, go to, click on "Downloads" area of search for "Flip4Mac" … download and install. If the video is in a strange sort of MPEG2 video format, go to, click on "Downloads" area, look for "Streamclip" … download and install. Import the export and MPEG2 video. Mov. If the video is in Windows MovieMaker format, then you need to get a Windows machine, open the files and Save as MovieMaker. Avi … then the plugin you installed Flip4Mac allows QuickTime to play. You can try the ImageMixer 3 for Mac (I had idea there was such a thing), but I doubt any of the software manufacturers camcorders offer worth taking up space on the hard drive on any computer …

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