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By · Monday, November 30th, 2009

Poly Filter
Green hair algae go away in my nano-reef?

I set up a nano cube 24 liters a month ago. I have 3 fish and about 20 pounds of live rock. Originally used tap water and I got a ton of brown slime algae. I've been doing water changes of 5 gallons every two weeks with filtered water (using a specific type aquarium filter cartridge tap water) and I added a platform of poly filter to remove phosphate. The brown stuff is gone, but now I have a lot of seaweed green hair. It seems that he is dying, which has lost most of its green color now. My question is, hair finally leave the rock on which dies or should I remove the rock and try to Scraping the hair? I have no corals yet because I want to handle this problem of algae in the first place. Any suggestions?

The hair algae dropped a Once you die, but we must treat the root of the problem. 5 gallon water changes every 2 weeks is not enough. If you made your nitrate test, I am sure you would find that are well beyond "normal" levels, so that you are working with these algae problems in the first place. The phosphate book will help, but is only a temporary solution – the changes it needs more water.

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